About Us

About us

Our Mission

Our mission at Awesome English is to provide the best material, resources, and guidance to our users to enable them to achieve their desired scores and fulfill their goals. In order to achieve our mission we continuously strive hard to do the following.

  • keep our material up-to-date and relevant.
  • Material that ranges from basic to advanced level to cater to all user groups.
  • Strategies to tackle each task in the various exams.
  • Strategies developed after attempting the actual exams so we know they work.

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Our history

It all started in the year 2016 as a personal goal to apply for Australian PR, This personal goal led to achievement on the PTE Academic exam with an overall score of 90, which inspired us to document that personal success and along with it all the best practices and tried and tested methods and strategies, hoping we could inspire and help others.

The original thought was to share all this in the form of a published book, however, in keeping with the current culture we thought it best to publish on this website.

You can read about the personal journey of success with the PTE Academic exam in detail and how it helped shape the overall strategy in acing the exam.

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Some Reasons to Choose Us

Learnings that we have accumulated from our experiences attempting the exams are at the core of Awesome English.

Experienced Team

At Awesome English we have an experienced team that has deep knowledge and experience with the English language and the various exams mentioned on the site.

Effective Strategies

Tried and tested strategies that help to effectively counter the different tasks of the exams.

Result based Approach

We follow a result based approach where the focus is at the end result. With this in mind we design and create the material.

Exhaustive Material

In-depth material, information, Tips & tricks and the best practices on various aspects of an exam are readily available for use.

Relevant Tools

We have tried to accumulate all the relevant tools on Awesome English which you will need for your success in the various English exams.

Updated Material

We regularly update the material and information on Awesome English so that you always have the latest at your disposal.

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