Summarize written text

Summarize written text mind map


Summarize written text (PTE) tests your ability to read and understand a given passage and summarize the key points and supporting points in a sentence using your own words.

There are 2 to 3 Summarize written text tasks in the PTE exam. Please memorize the mind map given at the top, these activities need to be followed in the mentioned sequence. It is essential for success.

Critical stuff

  • The first word of the sentence should be a capital letter.
  • End your sentence with a full stop.
  • Ensure your sentence is grammatically correct.
  • Write only one sentence of 25 to 35 words. do not try to aim for 75 words rather aim for concentrating/compacting the meaning of the passage in one sentence.
  • Ensure to use the main point/topic of the passage and also the keywords from the passage and use synonyms to display variety in your sentence, at the same time capturing the core meaning of the passage.
  • Do not write two or more loosely fitting sentences separated by commas portraying them as a single sentence as the task requires you to form only one sentence.
  • Ensure to click next before the time limit expires.

The sequence of steps for the Summarize written text task

Summarize written text task has the following sequence of events:-

  1. A reading passage of 300 words is displayed on the screen.
  2. A countdown of 10 minutes begins.
  3. Success in this task depends on how well you read and understand the passage, and then you well you can summarize it in a single sentence.
  4. The strategy is to break the 10 mins down into 3 main parts:-
    1. Reading (3 minutes) – You have to read the passage and find 3 main things:-
      a) The topic or the main point – to find the topic ask yourself the question, what is this passage talking about in general? the answer to this question is the topic.
      b) Supporting points or the sub-points that explain or develop the main point- Once you know the topic ask yourself how is this topic developed. The answer to this question will give you the sub-points.
      c) Keywords – These could be verbs, adjectives or nouns.
    2. Writing (6 minutes) – Before you write form a sentence using the keywords that focus on the topic or the main point and use the supporting points to further expand the main topic. You can use synonyms as they will portray your vocabulary and add variety to the sentence.
      Use grammatical structures to link the main and the supporting ideas e.g.:-
      conjunctions (and, but, for, nor, or, yet, so, because, although, since, unless, etc.)
      conditional clauses (if, when, etc.)
      relative clauses (who, which, that, etc.)
    3. Review (1 minute) – Do a final review to ensure that the sentence is grammatically correct, else edit and correct it.
  5. Avoid loosely joining two or more sentences with commas to portray them as a single sentence.
  6. Keep the sentence between 25 to 35 words.
  7. Once you have finished click next.

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