Repeat Sentence

Repeat sentence


The Repeat sentence(PTE) is a task that tests a person’s ability to listen and remember a spoken sentence and then repeat it with the same rate of speech, intonation, word stress, pronunciation and pauses.

There are 10 to 12 repeat sentence tasks in the PTE exam.

Please memorize the mind map given at the top, these activities need to be followed in the mentioned sequence. It is essential for success.


Partial credit

Skills Scored

The Repeat sentence task tests the listening and speaking skills of the test taker.

Traits scored

The Repeat sentence task scores you on three traits

  • Content – Any replacements, insertions or omissions in your response in comparison to the sentence you heard are considered an error. Any hesitation or pauses or any leading or trailing material at the start or end of your response is ignored in scoring for content.
  • Pronunciation – Your pronunciation of words should be correct and with the right stress Otherwise, the AI system will not be able to understand the words and it will negatively impact your scores.
  • Oral Fluency – Your response should be fluent. keep your rate of speech at a medium pace, going too fast will result in mistakes, and going too slow will impact your fluency. Be mindful to stress the right words and intonate. Pause according to the punctuation. Don’t hesitate, repeat or re-start your response in case of a mistake. Keep going at a steady pace otherwise your score will be impacted negatively.

Absolute critical stuff

  • Start speaking within 3 seconds of the microphone opening.
  • Don’t pause for more than 3 seconds.
  • Don’t add, remove or replace words, only speak what you heard from the recording.
  • If you make a mistake, don’t panic and try to correct it by repeating it. Just move ahead as if nothing happened.
  • You have 15 seconds to repeat each sentence.

The sequence of steps for the repeat sentence task

The Repeat sentence task has the following sequence of events:-

  1. A countdown of 3 seconds.
  2. After the countdown ends a recording will play. The recording will have a duration of 3 to 9 seconds. There are a total of 10 to 12 repeat sentence tasks in the PTE exam.
  3. While the recording is playing, listen to the recording carefully and focus on the meaning, intonation, pauses, word stress, and pronunciation.
  4. After recording ends a countdown of 1 second happens.
  5. Take a deep breath to relax.
  6. After the countdown ends microphone opens with a beep.
  7. You must start speaking within 3 seconds of the microphone opening or it will automatically close and the task will end.
  8. You have 15 seconds to repeat the sentence you heard so don’t panic as this time is enough to complete this task.
  9. Repeat exactly what you heard, if the speaker was asking a question you must also sound like you are asking the same question. If the speaker is exclaiming about something or is surprised, copy the same feeling through the speech.
  10. Use the same pronunciation, pauses, intonation, and word stress, and speak at your natural rate of speech.
  11. Don’t add or remove words from the original sentence. Stick to what you heard word by word.
  12. If you make a mistake don’t panic, stop or self-correct, but rather keep on going till the end of the sentence.
  13. Once you finished the sentence click next to move to the next task. Don’t wait.

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