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Describe Image mindmap


In my opinion, describe image is one of the toughest tasks in the entire PTE exam. It tests your ability to describe an image, graph, or process in your own words. The clock is continuously ticking, and the preparation time is 25 seconds, which means you must have a strategy on what you need to observe in the image and prepare accordingly.

There are a total of 6 to 7 describe image tasks in the exam.

Please memorize the mind map given at the top, these activities need to be followed in the mentioned sequence. It is absolutely essential for success.

Absolutely critical stuff

  • Start speaking within 3 seconds of the microphone opening.
  • Don’t pause for more than 3 seconds during the task.
  • Content plays a crucial role in your score so ensure what you say describes the image and nothing else.
  • If you make a mistake, don’t panic and try to correct it by repeating again. Just move ahead as if nothing happened.
  • You have 40 seconds for each describe image task. Try to finish the task in 35 seconds.
  • Don’t add fillers like um, hmm, ah, etc. as the voice-to-text software does not recognize these as actual words.

The formula for the Describe image task

Describe Image Formula
Example describe image

The sequence of steps for the describe image task.

Describe image task has the following sequence of events: –

  1. A countdown of 25 seconds begins.
  2. Utilize this time to understand and extract information from the image to be able to speak about it for 40 seconds.
  3. First look for the type of graph or image, then look at the heading to find out about the topic. then look for any three features or important points.
  4. The conclusion should be an overall idea, concept, trend, or the most important part of that image.
  5. Use the formula shared above to complete the task.
    1. Introduction – This can be completed by using the format below: –
      This + Type of graph + talks about + Heading of the graph
      • This Bar graph talks about the kinds of pets owned by different people.
    1. Body – This must have 3 brief points or sentences about the image for e.g.
      1) The highest number of people own a cat.
      2) The lowest number of people own a rabbit.
      3) Dogs are the second most popular pet.
    2. Conclusion – conclude with a single point or sentence. The conclusion should be the most important thing the image tries to show.
      For e.g. Overall, the graph shows that cats are the most preferred pet, while rabbits are the least preferred pet.
  6. Do not speak more than 5 sentences otherwise the time limit will finish, and the microphone will close.
  7. Click next once finished.
    * Please keep the sentences short in this task.

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