Multiple-choice, choose multiple answers (PTE Listening)

multiple choice choose multiple answers mind map


Multiple-choice, multiple answers is a PTE listening task that tests your ability to listen to an audio or video recording of 40-90 seconds and select the correct answers from the given 5 to 7 options.

There are a total of 2 to 3 multiple-choice, choose multiple answer PTE Listening tasks in the exam.

Please memorize the mind map given at the top, these activities need to be followed in the mentioned sequence. It is essential for success.

Critical stuff

  • Listen actively to the audio or video recording and identify the topic.
  • Understand the meaning and the opinion of the speaker.
  • Read and understand the question.
  • Read and understand the answer options.
  • Do not spend too much time on one task as less or no time will be available for the remaining tasks.

The Sequence of steps for the multiple-choice, choose multiple answers task

  1. A timer counts down 7 seconds.
  2. Utilize this time to read and understand the question and quickly read through the answer options.
  3. Audio or video of 40 to 90 seconds will play. Listen actively and identify the topic that the speaker is talking about.
  4. Note down the key points on the rough pad.
  5. Once the recording finishes read the question again.
  6. Read all the answer options carefully.
  7. First, eliminate the options that seem incorrect. this will help in focussing on the remaining options.
  8. Next, select the correct options from the remaining ones.
  9. Do not select options only because it matches a word from the text or question as it might have been used in a different context. This is why it is important to read the question and the answer options carefully so that you fully understand their meaning.
  10. Avoid changing your first answers unless you are sure they are incorrect.
  11. Click next once finished.

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