Highlight correct summary

Highlight correct summary mind map


The Highlight correct summary is a PTE task that tests your ability to listen to a recording of 30-90 seconds, understand its meaning and select the correct answer from amongst 3 to 5 answer options.

There are a total of 1 to 2 highlight correct summary tasks in the exam.

Please memorize the mind map given at the top, these activities need to be followed in the mentioned sequence. It is essential for success.

Critical stuff

  • Use the initial 10 seconds to skim through the answer options.
  • Listen to the recording carefully and understand the main idea or meaning of what the speaker is trying to convey.
  • Note down the main points from the recording on the rough pad.
  • Click next once you have selected the correct answer.

The Sequence of steps for the highlight correct summary task

  1. A timer counts down 10 seconds.
  2. Utilize this time to skim through the answer options on the screen. the time is not enough to read through and understand each option but only sufficient enough to quickly go through them.
  3. Listen to the recording carefully, and understand the main idea that the speaker is trying to convey. If the main concept or idea is not recognized then you will not be able to select the correct option.
  4. Note the main points from the recording on the rough pad.
  5. Once the recording finishes read every answer option carefully to understand what it means. The options might all seem the same unless you read them carefully and fully understand their meaning.
  6. Eliminate the incorrect options, eliminate the ones that are not relevant to the topic or the main idea of the recording, finally eliminate the options that have incomplete information.
  7. After you eliminate choose the correct option.
  8. Click next once finished.

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