PTE result

Check your result

To check your result follow the steps mentioned below

  • You will get an email from Pearson with the subject “PTE Academic Score Report Available Notification“.
  • Go to the PTE website
  • Click on Sign in in the right corner of the top menu.
  • In the pop-up window click on the sign in or create account button.
  • Sign in with your ID and password.
  • Click on My Activity in the top menu and click on the tests tab.
  • Look for the previous test card and click on view score.

Tips for preventing delays in result

To prevent delays follow the following points

  • Avoid creating duplicate/multiple accounts on the Pearson website.
  • Follow the instructions carefully when creating your account and booking the test.
  • For account creation use an email address that you use frequently as all communications will happen on it.

How is the PTE Academic test scored?

An Artificial intelligence system does the scoring automatically. The AI system is trained based on the results of thousands of sample papers scored by actual examiners, and this practice continues each year.

The AI engine refers to millions of past results and the knowledge of thousands of examiners when scoring a test.

What is a good score?

The definition of a good score can vary based on individual requirements, However, if we divide the score into ranges, a score between 73 to 79 is considered a good Score, 80 to 89 is a very good score and an overall score of 90 is an exceptional score.

In most cases, a score of 79 would satisfy the admission requirements of top universities around the world and immigration requirements for various countries.

Understanding PTE Scores

A scorecard consists of an Overall score and a Communicative Skills score. For details on score card and scoring check our article PTE Score Guide

What are the minimum scores for admission to various educational institutions?

Some of the criteria that institutions set for scores:-

  • Admission criteria are based solely on the overall score, without considering the communicative skills scores for admission.
  • Admission criteria are based on a minimum overall score along with a higher minimum score for one of the communicative skills scores as it is considered important for the program.
  • Admission criteria are based on the minimum overall score along with a lower minimum score for one of the communicative skills scores as it is considered less important for the program.

Minimum scores for various courses

Type of courseMinimum scores
Foundation courses36 to 50
Postgraduate degrees51 to 60
Postgraduate degrees57 to 67

Sharing the score for Visa or admission to an institution

There are two ways to share your PTE scores with government agencies or institutions since they don’t accept scores in PDF format

  1. Score Report Code (SRC)  Government agencies or institutions can use this unique code to access your scores.
  2. My PTE Score Assignment Process – To share your score using this method you need to follow the steps mentioned below
  • Login to your myPTEaccount.
  • Click on My activity
  • On the card where your test details are mentioned click on share results.
  • Search for the institute or organization in the field marked Institution/Organization/Department/School and click Search.
  • Check the box next to the institutions with whom you need to share your scores. (You can share your scores with an unlimited number of institutions, however, you can only share your score with up to seven such institutions at one time.)
  • Scroll down click Select Programmes and then click Next.

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